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St. Anthony Bight was known to the French as St. Mein Bay. The settlement was also a fishing station for the French, but was less favored by them than nearby St. Anthony.

St. Anthony-Bight has a 100 year old house owned by Mr. John Pilgrim. There is a looped hiking trail about 2 kms outside of the town, known as St. Anthony-Bight Loop Trail. St. Anthony-Bight is also known as the “Iceberg Graveyard”, as icebergs come to rest in the coves and melt. Current population is approximately 128. It’s subregion is White Bay North.

Trail or hiking: Dare Devil Trail:
After walking the concourse of trails (Carter’s Trail, Whale Watchers Trail, Santana Trail and Iceberg Alley Trail) located at Fishing Point Park (Day park) the most venturesome will take the trek over 400 steps on Dare Devil Trail to reach the top of Fishing Point Head where one can view majestic ice bergs, whales, sea birds and communities. An Awesome view, worth the climb! The trail is highly difficult and one should proceed with great caution, allow 1 hour. Map and website here

Facilities & Services

Recreation Facilities: St. Anthony Bight Playground
Religious Institutions: United Church
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